A little bit of history of the very first Kiev Milk Factory.

05 October 2015

The history of the Kiev Milk Factory started from January 1, 1930.

   The factory was built after the latest European standards of that year. Its project was consulted and made by the best factories of Bergdorf, Germany. The latest technologies that were used in Kiev Milk Factory were used also only by few factories in Europe. 


Kephir production line in 1957.

   The task of the new factory was to provide people with chipper, healthy, good quality milk products – kephir, curd, kysliak (fermented milk product), varenets/stewler (fermented milk product made by adding sour cream to baked milk), sour cream, cheese, ice-cream and lactose. After 30 years, in 1962, on the territory of Kiev left bank area, Raskova Street, begun to work the second milk factory (now dairy plant Galakton) and Kiev Milk Factory got the title №1.

   The factory was privatized and got the name as public limited company “Raduga” at the beginning of the nineties. In 1997 the factory was closed according to the Kiev arbitration court decision and was proclaimed as bankrupt. 

   The factory was bought out in august 19, year 1999, and corporation was named ZAO “The first Kiev Milk Factory”. On October 3, year 2007 the company «Milkiland Ukraine” became the member of corporation.

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