"Agrolait" Subsidiary Enterprise

The Kryvorozhskyi city dairy plant №2 was launched in 1969. Due to the prompt development of mining and metallurgical industries in the region, whole-milk production of the enterprise was in great demand from the population. In 1990 the plant was completely stopped for reconstruction and restarted work in the summer of 1992. It mostly produced whole-milk products. In 1994 a shop for butter manufacture was launched. In 1995 manufacture of technical casein on the mechanised line started. In the late 1990s the enterprise had to master non-core kinds of manufacture because of the increased deficiency of milk raw material in the region. In 1998 the plant was renamed “Krivorozhskyi Food Complex”.
In 2000 the plant acquired a new butter-making facility which both improved quality of butter and allowed to produce soft low-fat margarine. Besides, the enterprise bought an emulsifier to make thermizated desserts from cultured-milk cheese. In 2003 the enterprise completely switched to manufacture of dairy produce.
Subsidiary "Agrolait" was set up on the industrial base of the Krivorozhskyi city dairy plant № 2 in 2004 when the dairy plant became a part of Milkiland-Ukraine subsidiary.
The plant can process about 40 tons of milk raw material a day. The enterprise makes pasteurised and baked milk, kefir, fermented baked milk, sour cream, cottage cheese and sweet creamed curds, curd cake, cheese "Liubitelskii" and fruit-flavoured bioyoghurt.
The enterprise is a winner of numerous industry exhibitions and competitions.
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