"Konotop Dairy Plant" Branch of "MalKa-trans" LLC

Construction of the plant took place in 1964.
In 1988, the plant was reconstructed, during which was significantly expanded production workshop of whole milk, butter, dry milk goods and baby food. up to 100 tons after reconstruction. It has been updated all the technological equipment.
In 1994 he was commissioned ice cream workshop, and in 1998 a workshop for the production of casein.
Since 1994 the company has the status of an open joint stock company.
The main shops of the enterprise: workshop production of dairy products, and butter workshop production of powdered infant formula.
Auxiliary workshops: Steam boiler, compressor facility, raw materials laboratory, machine repair shop and transport department.
State plant employs 240 people.
Since 2004, launched production of drinking yogurt, sour cream and packaged biopahta.
In 2006 was held reconstruction of the production of dry milk.
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