"Mena Cheese" Branch of "Prometey Consulting Firm" Private Enterprise

"Mena cheese" - one of the leading Ukrainian cheese-making enterprises. Construction of a factory
in Mena was launched in January 1984 Enterprise, then bore the name "Mena Cheese Plant", was commissioned January 1, 1988 and possess a capacity of processing 420 tons of milk per day.
In 2002 the company was reorganized by changing its legal form
in DC "Mena cheese" and became part of the DP "Milkiland-Ukraine". In 2004 the company was reorganized in Branch "Mena cheese" private enterprise "Consulting firm" Prometheus, "which operates until this day.
The company regularly improving technology, increasing production capacity. The factory has an unique for Ukraine workshop for the production of soft cheese "Brie" and "Camembert".
In 2008 was put into operation a new line for the production of hard cheeses power manufactured in the Netherlands. Was also put into operation a new solilny workshop, complete with equipment of the Czech Republic. In late 2008, the line has earned nanofiltration whey, which has greatly improved the quality of products. In 2011 was upgraded whey plant and plant dry dairy products.
In 2007, the Branch "Mena cheese" state of emergency "KF" Prometheus "has received a certificate for a system of food safety (Hazard Analysis and Sritical Control Point, HACCP) for the production of butter, cheeses and dried milk products. In 2010 the company was certified safety management system products according to the requirements of ISO 22000. In 2012, the cheese factory was certified for compliance with ISO 9001:2009.
Branch "Mena cheese" is a leader in the production of cheese and whey plants DP "Milkiland-Ukraine".
The company produces several types of hard cheese, butter, whey powder and soft cheeses.
The International Agricultural Exhibition "Agro-2009" hard cheese "King Arthur" tasteful warm milk received a gold medal.
Diploma and a sign of "Star Quality" Food of Ukraine, the State Department was also awarded a soft cheese "Camembert" produced by the company.
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