"Sumy Dairy Plant" Branch of "Aromat" Subsidiary Enterprise

Branch "Sumy Dairy Plant" DP "Aromat" began operations in 1924 and at that time had a production capacity of 4 tons of milk a day. After World War II the plant was rebuilt. From 1959 to 1965 the plant was modernized, and therefore the volume of processed products increased to 29 thousand tons per year.
The production capacity of the plant in 1993 was 67 thousand tons per year. In 1996, "Sumy Dairy Plant" has been transformed into an open joint stock company. In 1998 the company was renamed to JSC "Sumy Dairy Plant."
In 2003 the company became part of the DP "Milkiland-Ukraine".
In 2008 the plant was put into operation the 2nd line of glazed curd bars, as well as the bottling line of milk, kefir and yogurt in a PET bottle. In 2012 the company introduced the manufacture of thermostatic products.
Production capacity can handle up to 200 tons of raw milk
In 2011, the company has developed, implemented and certified management system of food safety (Hazard Analysis and Sritical Control Point, HACCP) according to the requirements of DSTU 4161:2003.
Branch "Sumy Dairy Plant" specializes in the processing of milk, the production of butter, cheese and milk products under the brand "Dobryana."
The company is a multiple winner of the competition "100 best goods of Ukraine".
In 2009 sweet glazed cheese of TM "Dobryana" branch "Sumy Dairy Plant" was awarded the Diploma of the "100 best goods of Ukraine 2009" in the category "Groceries" in 2010, the same was awarded the Diploma of soft cheese "Mozzarella".
In 2011 was awarded with the Diploma of sourdough with blueberries, and in 2012 - a fermented milk product "Bifilife." In 2012, Sumy Dairy Plant took part in the "Wiht care about Ukrainian food!", The purpose of which was the promotion of domestic products.
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