«Milkiland» is an international brand of the Group of companies «Milkiland» - one of the leading dairy producers in Eastern Europe.
TM «Milkiland» -  european quality dairy products produced from selected natural milk. «Milkiland» symbolizes the rich culture of traditionally popular dairy production in Europe. However, thanks to the flexible pricing policy, the brand designed to increase milk taste preferences of ukrainians.
TM «Milkiland» was initially presented by segment of dry milk products only, such as dried whole and skim milk,whey and dry demineralized whey. In 2013, a polish plant «Ostrowia», which belongs to the Milkiland holding began producing milk and wide range of cream cheeses under TM «Milkiland». In cream cheese production is used natural ingredients only: cheese, spices and additives. Relatively low cheese fat and tender texture make this product an excellent choice for making healthy sandwiches.