About Us


Milkiland-Ukraine  is a member of the Milkiland N.V. international group of companies and is one of the leading milk processors and dairy producers and exporters in Ukraine.

Милкиленд Агро The company runs ten dairy processing factories located in six regions of the country producing dairy products under the Dobryana Kolyada and LatteR brands. 

The company also runs Milkiland-Agro, a subsidiary consisting of 14 agricultural enterprises with more than 23,000 hectares of farmland under lease. These agricultural enterprises specialize in dairy farming and production of cereal crops.
Partner farms and households supply raw milk for processing to Milkiland-Ukraine production assets. Since 2011, the company has been supporting the development of dairy cooperatives, in order to ensure a stable supply of quality raw materials.
Now, all processing plants of Milkiland-Ukraine are certified under ISO and HACCP international standards for quality management and safety of food products, therefore creating a rigid system of quality control at all stages of the production process, from receiving raw milk materials to finished product. For more information on our quality control system, refer to section Our quality